13Gypsies TV Debut!

13 Gypsies goes NATIONWIDE on Food TV Network's Diners Drive-ins and Dives - Tune in at 10PM - and set your DVRs to savor the moment.

We last saw Guy rip through a bowl of Singletons Seafood's Minorcan Clam Chowder - tonight he wheels into Jacksonville's Riverside area for a taste of Chef Howard Kirk's peasant fare.

Beasties AND Besties were present at the taping in February (that's my handsome nephew Chris and his lovely fiance Ginger with Guy) - so we can say from personal experience that Chef's house-made Chorizo with Pears and Dates - and the Roman Gnocchi - were (and are) every bit as good as they look!

Check out Jodi K's post at Eat Jax for the whole skinny on the taping.

Make your reservations, kids - 13 Gypsies is a small spot - and not to be missed!