Florida Staycation - Breakfast and Breakers

They say its the most important meal of the day. But who the heck are they, and what do they know? American breakfast standards bore me. Give me the continental breakfast buffet at my local motel, and I'm good to go with yogurt and a banana. 

Hold the eggs, bacon, grits, biscuit and for GOODNESS SAKES hold the sausage gravy - what in the name of all that is holy IS that, anyway??? It's like library paste thinned out with motor oil and a cup of salt. Non, merci. Here are a couple of lovely breakfasts I've enjoyed in and around Jacksonville and the Beaches area. 

At least once a week I like to stop in at Bakery Moderne for a cup of coffee and pastry or a mini-quiche - they make at least two varieties of quiche fresh daily, and the scones are lovely, crumbly soft and laden with fresh fruit. 
Bakery Moderne on Urbanspoon
Bakery Moderne
869 Stockton St
JacksonvilleFL 32204

Late breakfast at Culhane's involves Bangers and Mash, and yes, frankly, a pint of Guinness as well. Don't judge. You know you want it.
Culhane's Irish Pub & Restaurant on Urbanspoon
Culhane's Irish Pub and Restaurant
967 Atlantic Blvd 
Atlantic BeachFL 32233

One of my favorite spots for breakfast is Biscotti's in Avondale. The atmosphere there reminds me of Cincinnati - can't tell you why. Anyway, they have some slightly awesome breakfast offerings, including some over the top french toast, and this quiche, that has an unusual but awesome crust. 

I was obsessed enough after eating this one that I made my own for another couple of weeks - until I decided it was easier and more rewarding to go out and enjoy it at Biscotti's.
Biscotti's on Urbanspoon

3556 Saint Johns Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32205

       Check out Mi Pueblo Bakery on Beach Boulevard for a latin twist to the grab-and-go breakfast. I wrote about them in my Serious Sandwiches segment last year.  The Buneulo gets my vote for a quick bite. Savory cheesy goodness, Charlie...
Mi Pueblo Bakery on Urbanspoon

Mi Pueblo Bakery
10771 Beach Blvd Ste 107
Jacksonville, FL 32246

And while we're talking Latin influence - one of my absolute favorite pastries in Jax is this Guava Pocket from Edgewood Bakery. Sweet tart guava jelly loaded with sugary glaze, piled into a crispy layered pastry square.

Edgewood Bakery on Urbanspoon
Edgewood Bakery
1012 Edgewood Ave S
Jacksonville, FL 32205 
OK - that's enough! I need to go walk on the beach and shed some of these virtual calories! 

I hope it is sunny and warm where you are today - enjoy your summer. I'll be back soon with more from my Summer Staycation. Woop-woop!


Florida Staycation - Lunch at The Floridian

One great feature of living at the beach in north Florida - it's a great place to visit - AND I already live here, so the travel time is minimal - more time for shopping, sipping adult beverages and finding new and novel ways to beat the Florida heat. I'll be posting some of my summer adventures here in the coming months - day-trips and short jaunts, new spots or favorites revisited - it's all part of my Florida Staycation!

Recently my friend Alison popped in for the weekend from St Louis. We enjoyed acting like tourists, snapping pics at Ponte Vedra and Jax Beach, and during the requisite daytrip to St Augustine we grabbed a delicious and healthy lunch at The Floridian. 

Since it opened last September it has been on my Urbanspoon wishlistIt's the kind of place I love. Casual ambiance and a seasonally rotating menu featuring fresh, quality ingredients, sourced locally and regionally, prepared creatively and presented simply. It's real food -with real flavor. Remember flavor?  

The essence of summer shines through in every sip of chilled Watermelon Lemon Basil Soup.  The first impression is watermelon - not too sweet though - and the other flavors open out as you taste each bite. 

Scarlett O'Hara wouldn't wait another day to sample the Southern Belle - lovely to look at and loaded with charm - crisp cool local lettuces, sweet South Carolina peaches, Sweetgrass Dairy's Crossroads Bleu, toasted pecans and roasted sweet potatoes in a lemon-basil vinaigrette. 

Alison enjoyed the Summer Salad - a hearty plate of Georgia blueberries, spiced garbanzo beans, carrot, white cucumbers, quinoa, goats' cheese and lettuces in a Honey-herb vinaigrette. The cucumbers were a little tough, so they mostly got scooted to one side of the plate, but she enjoyed everything else in the mix. 

We let our enthusiastic hosts describe every item on the dessert menu, and though they all sound amazing, we were full from the generous salads and had to take a pass. 

Another great thing about Staycationing - when you find a place you love - there's no need to wait another year to return! 

I'll be introducing more friends and fam to The Floridian, I'm sure. Next time I'm going for the Banh-Mi sandwich - my latest obsession. I'm sure you'll see it on Urbanspoon or Instagram.  It's the real deal, Beasties. See you there!

The Floridian on Urbanspoon

The Floridian
39 Cordova St.
St AugustineFL 
32084 www.thefloridianstaug.com