Business is Hot at Simply Tasty Thai

Recently, my sister and I set out in search of a hot lunch, and found ourselves in Mayport at one of my favorite "hidden gem" type restaurants - Simply Tasty Thai.

I've only been here five or six times over the years, but it is, in my opinion, the best Thai restaurant I've found in the Jacksonville Metro area.

Don't get me wrong, I like Lemongrass, Tuptim, the Thai Room, Lime Leaf and all of those cookie-cutter spots, but this place, Simple Tasty Thai, is one of those little indy-style places that makes me happy-happy. Real people cooking real food.

Simply Tasty Thai offers both Thai and Filipino favorites, and I noticed on this visit that they have added a few Asian restaurant staples such as Gyoza and Crab Rangoon to the menu. We couldn't resist trying a few - including the Spring Rolls, which my sister proclaimed were the best she'd ever tasted.

The next addition will debut in a couple of weeks - they've torn out the wall to the space next door and are about to expand their seating capacity by over 150%. I assume it's to handle their bustling weekday lunch crowds, because I've never had a problem stopping by on the weekend and grabbing a table for a quick bite.

Here's hoping they are successful in this endeavor - and manage to grow without losing that indy charm that makes them unique and well worth the drive to Mayport.

If you know me, you know I love Thai food. Curry, Stir-fries, Noodle Dishes - my favorite depends on the time of year. Spring Rolls are a fave any time. When the weather gets nippy (which is rare for Florida) I crave steamy-hot green curry.

I find the sweet aroma of coconut milk and Thai basil, a comforting and colorful mix of stewed vegetables, and the heat from the pretty little Thai bird chilis can really chase away the chill.

I like mine with chicken or shrimp, but since I was planning to buy shrimp at Safe Harbor after lunch, I chose chicken. My sister nearly always goes for shrimp if it's on the menu, so she chose the Shrimp in Red Curry. She opted for hot-hot - and it was - with a pleasant balance of sweet, heat and savory tastes. The shrimp were plump and fresh.

We were happy to sit and savor, and catch up on each other's busy lives. From there it was on to Safe Harbor where we scooped up a few pounds of fresh, sweet Mayport shrimp for our dinner.

Congratulations and much luck to the owners of Simply Tasty Thai on the new expansion! We'll be back for more Thai and Filipino favorites.

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