Soul Food Bistro: Satisfy Your Craving

My review of The Soul Food Bistro's Arlington location is in the 
Florida Times-Union this week, so I thought I would indulge you with a few more photos here, since the paper has only so much space to indulge my obsession with food-porn.

Don't tell my mama, but these are some of the best dang pork-chops you could ever want to eat! SMOTHERED is the way to go, here, people. Trust me on this one. You're gonna want to eat all that rice, too...

Chef Celestia Mobley created the OXTAIL WONTON for a chef's competition a few years ago. They are completely craveable. This photo shows them served family style.    

Chicken is a popular choice at the Soul Food Bistro. Fried, Oven Roasted, Smothered, Grilled...
Just get you some.

The BEST Mac n Cheese in Jacksonville, people. IMHO, that is. 

There is so much more at the Soul Food Bistro - both locations do a rockin' business. Read my review of the Arlington location in the Florida Times Union, and go. Sit. Eat. Get cake. There is a lot of cake. Pie. Cheesecake. You get the drift. 

Oooh - and they cater! Get the traditional soul food stuff or call and talk about custom menus - they have a real fancy-schmancy catering staff, including a wonderful pastry chef!  They specialize in delivering soulful, healthy food. 

Let me leave you with this thought, from the Soul Food Bistro website:

Soul Food Bistro on Urbanspoon

Soul Food Bistro

11876 Atlantic Blvd
Jacksonville FL 32225


Thanks to Chef Celestia Mobley and her crew for inviting us to join the fun at the one year anniversary celebration of this location, where at least a few of these dishes were served to us gratis, with no expectation that we would share other than through social media.