April 30

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Taqueria Me, Por Favor

OK Jacksonville foodies - where would YOU go to get REAL Mexican fare?

Inspired by fellow foodistas in Columbus (former home of nancitalou), I am on another culinary "seek and savor" mission - this time looking for the best REAL Mexican food in Jax.

I realize that can mean different things to different people. I'm talking about really fresh, simply prepared authentic regional mexican food. not necessary to serve with beans and rice.

The gringos in my family create some seriously excellent Mexican food. My aunt Alicia was from Mexico, and when we lived in Southern California we enjoyed her excellent home cooking, and learned to make our own fiesta on a plate. Now I want to find a few great little spots in town that do the same. So I'm scoping out the little Taquerias and Mexican markets, as well as sifting through the profusion of fusion that is our local mexican restaurant scene, and you bet i'll report back here... It's the 2009 Jacksonville Taqueria Tour!

Special thanks to Jacksonville.com journo Coulter Kirkpatrick for pointing the way to this Jacksonville Taco Truck - I'll see you there foodies!


Jacksonville Foodies - Making a Difference

Attention Jax foodies and culturistas! - a new play by Christian Baetens & Mike Breen opens tonight at Bungalow on Park - in their garden stage area - Jax's newest theatrical venue!

SAVE THE DATE.... the 19th Annual Jacksonville FOODFIGHT is set for Thursday, June 4 @ 6pm Jax Municipal Stadium. BE THERE! New Restaurants signing on everday...Mitchell's Fish Market, Aqua Grille and Bistro Aix to name a few.... Follow JaxFOODFIGHT on twitter for updates!


Word Cloud

I love making these - try it out for yourself at http://www.wordle.net

Holiday Fare

Easter 2009 Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Deviled eggs
Pineapple Mustard Glazed Ham

Artichoke, Leek and Potato Gratin
Asparagus with Horseradish Butter
Rolls & butter
Pineapple upside-down cake

Of course there will also be some chocolate involved...


Travel Zen - NYC Edition

Luscious Thai

Luscious Thai on Urbanspoon

I love Broadway, but those old jewel-box style theatres' seats don't fit my long legs (or my fat you-know-what for that matter). After sitting two and a half hours with my knees jammed up under my chin, shins permanently dented from digging into the back of the seat in front of me, I needed to stretch (quite literally) my legs.

While my traveling companions enjoyed a jaunt to Little Italy, I hoofed it north to try out Luscious Thai on the upper east side. Its the kind of place I love - a little neighborhood gem - not touristy or trendy, just a really good local spot. The menu is basic Thai, some great starters. Families, friends, singles, whether there to grab a cocktail and take-out or settle in for a multi-course feast, all were treated to friendly, gracious customer service and pleasant surroundings. Thai is often deceptively simple in appearance and presentation. Prices are great and the food is done very well. Fresh ingredients, wonderful aromas and soul-satisfying taste. Try "the mix" for starters - curry puff, luscious dumpling, Thai dumpling, and shrimp roll. Travel zen on a plate...

Back on Track

Travel Zen is re-routed, though luggage still on original route. Officially into zen New York State vibe now. Tonight, dinner in NYC - thinking of Luscious Thai gets me in the zen zone once more.

morning empowered / mr. coffee, meet starbucks / improve my outlook


Travel Zen

My zen day of travel was disrupticus completicus by Delta cancelling my scheduled flight to LAG and instead routing me on the slow boat to ATL, but not before cooling my heels in my home port of JIA for way, way to long. Shout out to the gang at Sam Snead's Tavern at Jax International Airport. GREAT club sandwich, stellar fries and the nicest customer service you could possibly expect in an airport. "And THAT'S what I like about the South!"

So here I sit taking up one of their comfy tables, tweeting away while I wait for Delta to get a plane off the ground. My anticipated 3pm arrival in NYC is now a 7PM, and instead of whiling away a lovely day at the idyllic
Edith Macy Conference Center, I'll be lurking indoors at Jax Airport (with a perfectly sunny 70 degree day going to waste outside). Babies are crying, airport passengers are drinking heavily, and I am just happy to have this little out of the way table at Sam Snead's. Zen travel day FAIL.