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Its the Tuesday after Christmas and thought I'd get a running head start on that new years resolution we all make and break each year. You know the one.

My approach involves several as yet undecided strategies - things like getting a fitness regimen going, walking after dinner, not eating after 7 pm, WAY less drinking.... but I thought I'd ease into all that by keeping a food diary. They say this is helpful in weight watchers. Of course, I'm not in WW's - not yet anyway.

Admittedly, this is about my seven thousanth attempt at going it alone. Worse than alone – I have a partner in crime – my husband Dick. Dick isn't his real name of course, more of a general description. You know Dick. He's the guy who guzzles beer all afternoon in the bar, and, perhaps to assuage his guilt for consistently being two hours late for dinner, stops on his way home to pick up a bottle of wine (for me) and a couple single serving dessert items, which he doesn't eat because he is usually passed out on the sofa way before they are served. The offending items knock around in the fridge for a few days until I decide to open the bottle, have a glass, have another, polish off a piece of tiramisu, and, on more than one occasion, wash down the chocolate cake slice with the rest of the wine. Dick is a clever saboteur. But I am wise to his ways. Not that he's the culprit. I am, after all exercising free will when I knock back a whole sleeve of Girl Scout cookies with my Tazo Zen green tea. Thin Mints can lull you into a completely zenlike state without the Tazo, let me tell you.

But I digress. Let's get this party started.

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  1. I'm with you on these attempts, sister. So hard to curb those cravings, and a good glass of vino. I like the blogs, good stuff. Glad you found me (on twitter)


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