The Most Important Meal

Whiteway Deli
I'm not a big breakfast fan. Show me a place I can get a burger and fries or a blt at 7AM and I'm a loyal customer. Today I found such a place. Now if they get free wifi I just might move in. Whiteway Deli recently moved into new larger digs on King St. in Jax. I have to admit, the first time I visited their older, smaller location, I had a touch of claustrophobia just waiting on my chicken salad. Got it to go and thoroughly enjoyed it though. 

Today however, I was on a mission to find a good breakfast spot near the office. Good - note I'm not talkin' great. And the cheerful staff at Whiteway did not disappoint. I kept it simple. After my two hour breakfast ordeal last week at Kickbacks (see previous post) I didn't want to risk being late to the day job, ya know... So I ordered the egg, ham and muffin sandwich - to go. Now you might be thinking that sounds like an entree from one of those famous fast food establishments, and you'd be right - it does SOUND like it, but that's where the similarity ends. FRESH muffin, a particularly unctuous mix of freshly cooked real egg and melting cheese, and the sweet/salt bite of tender ham. N O T H I N G like the fast food mess (of which we freely confess to have eaten many)... 

The folks are friendly, there is PLENTY of space in their new dining room, and the food is good - the classic deli favorites - plus a host of specials named for their local customers. Maybe one day you'll see the nourish-the-beast - make that a smoked turkey on toasted multigrain with lettuce, red onion and dill-havarti... But we were talking about breakfast. OK - I'm going back next week to check out some other breakfast items... Maybe I'll see you there!

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