Pick a Pair

The Pickled Pear on Edgewood. In search of a spot where I can get anything OTHER than eggs for breakfast, I stumbled across this little gem in the former home of Sweet and Savory. The new owners kept the same basic open caterer's kitchen layout - no frills here, just some mighty fine food. Baked goods look amazing, I'll be back to check them out. My choice for nontraditional breakfast was chicken salad on a croissant - substantial, yet delicate - JUST a hint of curry - grapes, tender chicken, finely diced celery. They offer meals to go in the case, and a catering menu. Trust me on this one. I got mine to go because I'm not a fan of their decor (or lack of attention to decor), but the food is worth the pop-in, so I expect to be back for breakfast OR lunch soon. The Pickled Pear - BEASTIES - see you there!

I promised a PAIR - So here's a place I've been driving PAST on my way to work for years now - Gina's Deli - The sign promises Mediterranean breakfast. My first (and so far only) experience - quick and easy parking (lunch might be a different story)... PLEASANT greeting and excellent service from the counter. Well lit, clean, customer friendly atmosphere. I was the only customer - maybe they don't get much of a breakfast crowd? I ordered the steak, egg and cheese rider (that's a sammie in a pita, y'all) and out it came in short order, smelling like heaven in a sack, neatly wrapped and with not a hint of grease. Bite THAT micky-d's! Lovely soft fresh floury pita, and a huge portion of fluffy eggs folded around sweet, salty bites of steak and lightly caramelized onions - with just a hint of gravy. Is it wrong to obsess over beakfast? Not being a big egg fan, I was amazed at how quickly I devoured this delicious treat. Oh, yeah, I'll be BACK, and I'm bringing my friends! Next trip, lunch. Watch for the BEAST, Gina's!

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