Sunday Morning ABCs

Sunday morning brings coffee, a warm croissant oozing with melted butter and orange marmalade.

Later my sister and my niece will be over for what has become a Sunday ritual - family dinner and a movie. My mother will try to replicate one of her mother's family favorite dishes from memory, without the luxury of a recipe, because our grandma never used them. This weekend it is red chile pork over rice (for which we have many great recipes in our cookbook collection, just not my grandmother's). It will taste great, but my mom will be dissapointed that it isn't as good as her mother made it, which is exactly how my grandma cooked - trying to recreate what her mother made, and always declaring the results a failure, despite the fact that they were delicious. Which brings us to the ABCs...

A - WRITE IT DOWN, PEOPLE. Whatever the recipe - if it pleases you and your family, please commit it to pen and paper, in a book, on recipe cards, or a digital recipe box that the family can access. These are the dishes of their childhood. Your memory will live on in them. Share them freely with future generations.

B - Acknowledge your own worth as a cook. Whatever the outcome, be happy with your cooking, knowing that it pleases you, your family and friends. If it's your mom's recipe, enjoy it and remember happy times at the table.

C - May your Sunday be as blessed as ours. Plenty of sunshine, our health, a roof over our heads, a loving family, and my grandmother's red chile pork.

So - what's your weekend ritual?

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