Caring Chefs Congrats

Just a quick congrats to the Children's Home Society of Florida and the 50+ restaurants and food businesses who participated in the Caring Chefs event last night!

Wonderful food, a great crowd, and I hope a fundraising success for CHS!

Thanks to Jodi K of EatJax for playing wing-woman on this manic chow-a-thon! Afterwards it felt like we actually did EAT JAX.

I'm still dreaming about those escargot from Matthews - and I bet I know what Jodi's dreaming about today!

And Thank YOU Josh - for the tix! Luckily for this Beastie, you're a health nut who would rather spend the weekend RUNNING in the Marine Corps Marathon in DC instead of grazing on bite after bite of fabulous eats at Caring Chefs!

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