Five Years And Counting

My little blog is five years old now! I'm still loving writing it, and people tell me they enjoy reading it, so I'm signing up for another five year hitch.

The BEST part about what is ultimately a solitary activity, is the great people I've met along the way - new friends like Jodi K from EatJax, the ViCARIous Cari S, Caron S at Bite Club, Kris C at Blog Your Wine, George S from the Jacksonville Fine Dining Examiner, and many more fellow travelers - friends and family with whom I've shared food experiences, and scores of restaurant / food / culture creators and commentators I've come to know and respect greatly.
Photo courtesy of Cari Sanchez P

The highlight of the year - of the five years, really, was introducing my nephew and niece to his food-idol Guy Fieri, thanks to the kindhearted Chef Howard at 13 Gypsies.

Thanks to all of you who've graced my life with your friendship, readership, and kind words of support for my humble efforts.

I hope you have been inspired to go out and spend some time (and money) exploring the culinary treasures where you are. And thanks to everyone who dined with me over the last few years and gracefully offered up their plates to be photographed before devouring the contents! 

And thanks also for the subtle kick in the pants from those who've suggested I might want to "do something" with this blog someday. Clearly, these individuals are not artists. While I appreciate making money as much as the next guy, that's never what this was about. I'm in it for the experience.

You don't see ads here, and I'm not asking you to buy my book (which I so would if I had written one).... I'm just a participant / observer sharing my experiences here. I'm content to evolve at my current rate of speed, and my blog will continue to reflect that evolution. I hope you'll excuse the grainy cell-phone snapped pics and my less than AP Style ramblings, and hey, feel free to leave comments here - I love to hear from everyone!

If you just can't get enough of me (there's plenty to go around, believe me), come play with me on Urbanspoon, or follow me on Twitter.

Aloha - I'm off on another culinary adventure!


  1. Nancy - your articles are always an enjoyable read and you are even more interesting in person!

    The idea of doing something for the sheer pleasure of artistic expression rather than monetary gain is probably going to be lost on a lot of people down here, but some of us get it.

  2. Thanks! Looking forward to breaking bread with you and Scott again soon.

  3. Love your blog Nancy! Thanks for the shout-out and I wish you the best for the future! I owe you a bottle of Mollydooker!


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