Renegade Resto / Legit Legends

I must admit - I'm intrigued. I purchased my ticket for The Legend Series almost two weeks ago, and tonight is the night! I've been anticipating great things since Cari Sanchez-Potter and the gang first described their concept of "a series of 'renegade' dinner events - that will include some of the Southeast’s best chefs as well as local artists, musicians and artisans."  The list of participating chefs is enough to set off Niagara Falls in your mouth. I have visions of great food and art and music weaving together to create a memorable evening. I got my email this morning revealing the uber-secret location of tonight's feast, and I'm pretty sure I should be able to sneak out a few tweets during the evening - so look for posts via Instagram, pushed to Twitter with the hashtag #Legendseriesjax - If you don't hear from me again for awhile, it could be that I dove headfirst into a vat of bouillabaisse. There are worse ways to go.

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