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Once in a great while I'll sit down to a big plated restaurant meal, but my preference is to pick a couple of items from the appetizer menu, or head to a Tapas style place where everything is meant to be shared and savored over drinks and conversation. So when I heard that swellegant III Forks in Tapestry Park was re-launching their Bar Bites menu, I was a happy camper. An invite to sample (for freebies) said menu - that had me singing hallelujah!  Along with several like-minded friends, my mission was to taste every last item. Tough work, but I was up to the task!

Blue Cheese Taro (and Beet) Chips - CRAVEABLE at $6.95
What follows is my personal opinion. You should check out the menu for yourself and definitely get over there soon!

I like the social aspect of sharing food, and I guess it helps that I'm not a total germaphobe. I don't care for the double dip, however, so I'm inclined to say get your OWN BOWL of  Blue Cheese Taro Chips. You're gonna want to sop up every bite of that creamy Point Reyes Blue Cheese sauce, but share it, and you'll have room for some other stuff too. Or take them home for a midnight snack. There was a lot of coveting happening over these babies.
Duck & Waffles! - You heard me.
Don't even THINK about touching my plate.
Somewhere along the culinary trend highway, Chicken and Waffles became a thing, and as odd as that sounds, people tell me it's a killer combo. Wasn't it inevitable, then, that some clever chef would find a way to take this upscale and make it their own creation?

I guess that's what happened here, because III Forks executive chef Dylan Hauge served us this plate of Duck & Waffles - napped with creme fraiche, and studded with pistachios and port wine cherries.And let's don't forget the micro-greens. Pretty!

I went for seconds on the Duck and Waffles.. Want more now.
 Seriously, this had the sweet crunch of the gaufrette and pistachio, the rich savory note of the duck, tangy creme fraiche, and the tart, soft port wine cherries. It was, I felt, the most perfectly composed dish of the evening. I counted five to a plate - and you could nosh each one down in two or three bites. Perfect snack / light meal. I THINK they are $12.95 but the online menu says $7.95. Bargain at either price. Pair this with a classic Pinot Noir.

You may be thinking this menu is all dainty bites and trendy ingredients like taro chips and duck waffles, but you'd be wrong.

VERY worth noting are two full sized and straight-forward sandwiches - both the Prime Burger and the French Dip were very satisfying dishes - served with a side of fries, Manly-man style.

Delicate and flavorful - French Dip Sandwich - $14.95
I preferred the French Dip - soft shavings of Prime Rib with balsamic glazed caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, and creamy horseradish sauce. The bakery-style roll was delicious too, not to huge - good flavor, with just the right amount of chew and a lightly crisped crust. Say THAT three times fast while slugging down a glass of your favorite Cabernet!

The burger was good too - a mountain of food. If you want beef but a lighter portion, try the III Forks Sliders - two for $8.95.

Big Honkin' USDA Prime Burger - $15.95

In addition to these items, there is a Wedge Salad Wrap which I thought was a little clunky, but then I don't usually eat salad with my bare hands.

 An Artisinal Cheese Plate looked great and featured local / regional cheeses, which I very much appreciate.

Ahi Tuna was blackened, sauced maybe a bit heavily, and served over what was billed as an Asian Slaw, but looked a lot like roughly shredded lettuce. While it was impeccable quality tuna, the preparation seemed a bit basic, as if it was just tossed in there to represent the denizens of the deep.

Ahi Tuna - $14.95
Steak Tartare ($19.95) was predictably good tenderloin tossed in a mustard aioli, served on a himalayan salt plate... which is uber-trendy but then here goes my whole "Oh, I'm not really a germaphobe" argument out the window. I would have been fine had someone not asked the question - the answer to which was that they just scrub / wash these plates off after each serving and reuse them.

I know, I know, they have natural anti-microbial qualities, they're the craze of chefs everywhere, but I am skeeved by a plate you can't boil the bejeebus out of with good old soap and hot water. I guess I like my salt in and / or on top of the food, not seeping up under it. Call me old-school that way. On the other hand, plop it on a clean white plate and I'll gladly eat raw beef, so go figure. Rant over.

Desserts got eaten - despite the sheer volume of
food we had been served up to this point!
We were served a tasting sized trio of the house desserts - which aren't on the Bar Bites menu but I'm sure if you asked you could get them. They were all sooo rich and decadent. I'm not a mega-fan of bread pudding, so I gave it a couple tentative bites, but the chocolate ganache cake was devoured, likewise the creme brulee. Momma mia!

I just want to reiterate - this was a complimentary tasting of items on the Bar Bites menu, and we were treated to stellar service from the staff, and received generous attention from General Manager Pete Nebrich, Executive Chef Dylan Hauge, Sous Chef Andrea Williams, Special Events Manager Kelley McGlynn, and III Forks charming and knowledgeable Sommelier and Assistant General Manager Jeremy Vass. Big, big thanks go out to the whole crew at III Forks for making us feel like special guests.

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I will always disclose when I have received free food or swag, but I will not allow said gift to color my opinion or reporting of the food and experience. I attempt to share in plain terms what I do and don't like, and if I like it, I will urge you to try a place for yourself and form your own opinions. I'm not a trained chef or expert in any food related field, I just appreciate the social and cultural aspects of good food and dining experiences, and I enjoy sharing them with you through my blog. Thanks for reading!

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