Fresh Perspective

I'm beginning a new chapter in my life story. Right now it's in the early draft stage, but I thought I'd share some of the process as it unfolds.

I've always been one to embrace change. Moving to a different home, city, or state is an opportunity to reshape your surroundings, meet new people, discover new places, it's an adventure! Finding a new job, however, can be a daunting task, one which invites soul-searching and introspection, balanced with networking and planning. It's a bit unsettling when there's a time clock on it, I'll admit, but it is still an adventure of the highest order - a prime opportunity for growth and change.

So, again I ask myself: What do I want to be when I grow up?

One thing I know for certain, I love writing this blog. I love that so many friends and acquaintances (aka friends I just haven't gotten to know that well yet) have shared with me that they enjoy reading my ramblings and salivating over my food pics.

I am passionate about food and its place in our culture. Every aspect - growing, harvesting, bringing it to market, cooking (another favorite creative outlet) and sharing food - and I've met some fascinating people who share this passion. So while I work and wait and trust the universe to provide, I'm going to share some stories of people I know and admire for their work and passion. I'll still manage to slip a few food pics in here and there. Would you expect anything less?

Grand-niece Lorien waits "patiently" while I snap a pic.
No one walks alone in this world. I am fortunate to enjoy the company of wonderfully supportive family, friends and mentors on this journey, and I appreciate each of you so much. Thanks for your time, friendship, words of wisdom, sage advice, laughter and tears. Oh, and thanks for letting me snap a pic of your food before you dig in. Seriously.

Your humble bloggess ~



  1. You have the best attitude Nancy, and I know that your next great adventure is out there waiting for you to conquer it. I'm grateful to have a seat on your bus. Lisa Johnson

    1. Thank you, Lisa. Make new friends, but keep the old, as they say!


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