Whole 30 x 2 + 1

I've been absent from this blog for too long now. Busy, yes, but that's no excuse. I'm back, for now, seeing how this works in my current lifestyle. Not that I have stopped blogging altogether - I have just adapted to micro-blogging, mostly via instagram.

As far as food goes, I've hit the reset button more times than I can count at this point. I used to write about it for a living, now I seldom even get out to try new places except for the occasional brunch or lunch with friends.

I don't cook as often as I'd like either, but when I do I am reminded how much I love it, and frankly, how good I am at it (at least, most of the time). I bought an instant-pot and fulfilled a decades old desire to learn to use a pressure cooker. The food might not be pretty, but sweet baby Jesus, it is delicious.

Pictured here is a Whole 30 compliant breakfast from a few months ago.  I started doing Whole 30 off and on a year ago, and it's time to get back on it, at least move closer to it. If I were left to my own devices I would eat this way most of the time.

I can't say what tomorrow will bring, but I know what I'll bring to tomorrow. A renewed sense of purpose, and a commitment to living my best life.

To do this week - Appointments. Haircut. Accountant. Visit with friends. Oh, and Outlander is back, baby!

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