More Jax Food Faves

Pretty, posh and oh so close to the office! Edgewood (1171 is the street address) area favorite with a simple but elegant menu. I usually get the Parisian sandwich and sweet potato fries with garlic / parsley sauce - YUM! The salmon is good to, and the Portobella sandwich on ciabatta makes me think I could become a vegetarian after all... Salads tend to be a bit wet and wimpy, but the soups, sandwiches and entrees have all been great. Sweet little ginger snaps are presented on occasion, and there are some great-looking desserts but I'm never hungry after those fries! Go after 2 for the tapas menu. Full bar, friendly service, reasonable prices. I've never been for dinner but I hear the steaks are fabulous!

Basil Thai & Sushi
across from BB's in the Jax "urban core" - hot spot for the usual thai faves and good sushi. a see and be seen scene. Everyone at our table seemed to enjoy their selections - Mine was Green Curry Chicken (5) - delicious, but I must say the potato and carrot chunks were a tad undercooked. They were beautifully carved, but the potato was a wee bit off tasting. Just saying - in the interest of full disclosure. I'll try again and get shumai and sushi next time!

Ohhh - a new Sushi / Japanese place opened on Edgewood - where the Thai place was - Sam brought us a menu for the office (she knows good food and has a serious foodie-chef husband, so we trust her judgment on all things gastronomic). I'm checking it out this week and will post an update - anyone who's been already?

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