Swimming in Butter

Oh how I love fish and seafood. Many thanks to a beach native who long ago "schooled" me the difference between the two - Fish - well, you get that. Seafood - that's the shellfish, mollusk, crustaceans and all manner of miscellaneous aquatic creatures. No matter. I love it all. Basically, if it swims, I'm in.

Our area's abundance of fresh fish and seafood is one of the most compelling things about living in the First Coast.

With the inevitable tragedy that is the BP oil gusher (honestly, how can we call this a spill or a leak when it has been shooting out for weeks) threatening the livelihood of gulf fish, shrimp and oyster businesses, my thoughts have turned to seafood and those who make a living proffering it. They need our support. Harvests had to be pulled early, habitats are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Local food businesses are lending a helping hand where they can. One simple thing we can do to help is eat more seafood. Increased demand equals higher prices for those who've had to glut the market with their catches before they were lost altogether.

In the coming weeks I'll be sampling some of Jacksonville's fantastic fish and seafood offerings. I promise something for every palate and every price point! Baked, blackened, grilled, broiled or fried, we're going all in. Care to join me?

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