Happy Pie Day

OK - JUST 'cause it's PIE (or Pi) DAY, I'm gonna share some of my fave local SAVORY pies with you. Virtually share that is, because these have already been consumed by me - and my cohorts. So without further ado, here's some pie for you!

Moon River Pizza in Murray Hill and Fernandina rocks out a two slice lunch
special for around $5.

Carmines Pie House on King St in Riverside area of Jax also makes some 
mighty fine pies. Kid-friendly dining, if that's your thing. Save room for cannoli. 

Picasso's in Mandarin is the only place I know in Jax that features St Louis style
pies - with cracker-thin crust and the Gateway city's signature Provel cheese.
They also do New York and Mediterranean styles.This meat-fest is the Butchers Style.

Some locals say Al's Pizza has lost its luster, but with the PVB shop just around the
corner from home, they are still our go-to for super-cheesy, loaded pie - delivered!

Pele's Woodfire creates Pizza Napoletana - crusty, chewy, dense and luscious 
works of art in the heart of Riverside. Wash it down with a local craft brew. 

Pele's again - because we LOVE Pele's pizza and they are really close for lunch.
This one is SALTED DUCK PIZZA.Why a duck? Because they're DELICIOUS.
While we're talkin' pie, let's grab a crunchy, soft, subtly spiced Empanada from
El Ranchito at Beach and San Pablo. These are the Cubana, they also do a 
Columbian style. Try them both! Trust us. Go hungry or go home.
Quiche! You knew it was coming, right? This bad boy is a regular feature at 
Tres Leches on Stockton Street in Riverside. Pick up some cookies for later. 
If you're looking for gluten-free pizza, we found it at Your Pie in Fleming Island! 
This brand new spot offers gluten free crust and vegan cheese options.
This one is GF - The Lineage. Open March 15, 2013 
Hands OFF - this one is MINE - also from Your Pie in Fleming Island. Wash
YOUR Pie down with a Guinness, a glass of wine, or create your own mix 
of sodas, and save room for Gelato or Sorbet. Family AND wallet friendly!

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  1. Mmmm!! Sounds yummy. We had quesadillas for lunch- I'm wishing I'd made pizza instead after looking at those pix!

    Miss seeing ya- we need a pie date {either kind of pie} soon!

    1. That would be lovely - I am a sickie today though - headcold. I'm gonna message you something too - upcoming St Aug GS stuff.


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