Guts and Glory - An Evening With Anthony Bourdain

This photo, courtesy of the Artist Series,
brings a whole new meaning to the term food porn!
Any writer who has labored to string together a perfect sentence, turning words like a Rubik's Cube in their mind until just the right one clicks into place, has got to appreciate the singular literary voice of Anthony Bourdain.

Not familiar? Here's a taste.

In his book The Nasty Bits, Bourdain lampoons Las Vegas as “the heart of ugly-shorts capitalist darkness.”

In Medium Raw he pronounces the James Beard House “a private dining society for the soon-to-be-incontinent,” and refers to food bloggers as “the bastard offspring” of the Fourth Estate.

In both of these relentlessly snarky accounts of life in the food world, he even skewers his best seller, Kitchen Confidential, as an “obnoxious, over-testosteroned memoir.”

Is it any wonder I am smitten by this uncommonly clever, self-deprecating rogue who parlayed a love for food and a summer dish-washing job into a lifetime of world-travel and celebrity status? Add to that, he’s not half bad to look at.

When his Guts and Glory tour brings Bourdain to the Times Union Center’s Moran Theater this Thursday, I’ll be there, devouring every crumb of wit and wisdom he serves up. The VIP section and post-show reception is sold-out, but I have it on good authority that there are still a few seats still available from $40-$75. Unlike his popular TV show, however, for this gig you’ll need RESERVATIONS. Bring some cash too - they'll have copies of his books for purchase. 

Thanks to the folks at the Artist Series for their kind invitation, and for bringing Guts and Glory to Jacksonville. See you there, Beasties!

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