Ready for some off-plan eating

The Madre and I have been adhering diligently to the Whole 30 regimen for 24 days now, and we can claim many non-scale victories, such as better overall health, energy boost, better skin and hair, little or none of the pain that accompanies inflammation. Then there are the pants I bought and couldn't quite squeeze into in December, which are hanging loose on me today. I've dropped at least one of my "extra" chins, and I bought some new Ralph Lauren eyewear that makes me feel like a nerd-queen.

That having been said, today we started discussing what foods we might start to reintroduce to our routine once the 30 days are up. We agreed, the Madre and I, that pasta is a thing of the past for us, we have no desire to eat congealed, wet flour. Zucchini noodles are the new normal for our Italian faves. I was sure the Madre would say toast would be her first add-in, but vodka edged it out. She went so far as to say she would probably never eat toast again. While that's highly unlikely (she does love her toast), I get where she's coming from with the vodka. I'd like to enjoy a glass of white wine once in a while, or the occasional craft cocktail. 

For me, it's more about the social aspects, being able to eat at a restaurant without pressuring the chef to prepare a meal within the near-draconian restrictions of the Whole 30. Don't get me wrong, we'll be back on the program as soon as we feel the return of joint pain or bloating. But until then I'd like to be able to patronize my favorite local establishments and indulge in a little non-compliant nibbling. 

Here are a few dishes I'm dreaming of ordering in another week... in no particular order.

Moules Frites - Orsay. Anything from Orsay, for that matter.

Brunswick Stew from Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails

Cocktails - like the French 76 from Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails
Luau plate from Hapa-li - bbq chicken and lumpia FTW!
And ANYTHING these two throw at me. #fusion

That's a good start. I'll keep you posted on the insta, as always!

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  1. You are such an inspiration! I really need to take 30 days to try this. My body is aching for it!


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