Taqueria Me, Por Favor

OK Jacksonville foodies - where would YOU go to get REAL Mexican fare?

Inspired by fellow foodistas in Columbus (former home of nancitalou), I am on another culinary "seek and savor" mission - this time looking for the best REAL Mexican food in Jax.

I realize that can mean different things to different people. I'm talking about really fresh, simply prepared authentic regional mexican food. not necessary to serve with beans and rice.

The gringos in my family create some seriously excellent Mexican food. My aunt Alicia was from Mexico, and when we lived in Southern California we enjoyed her excellent home cooking, and learned to make our own fiesta on a plate. Now I want to find a few great little spots in town that do the same. So I'm scoping out the little Taquerias and Mexican markets, as well as sifting through the profusion of fusion that is our local mexican restaurant scene, and you bet i'll report back here... It's the 2009 Jacksonville Taqueria Tour!

Special thanks to Jacksonville.com journo Coulter Kirkpatrick for pointing the way to this Jacksonville Taco Truck - I'll see you there foodies!

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  1. Nancy-

    We're thrilled that our humble little blog could serve as inspiration for you, and hope that your taqueria adventures are every bit as satisfying as our taco truckin' has been.


    The tacotruckscolumbus.com Team


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