Travel Zen

My zen day of travel was disrupticus completicus by Delta cancelling my scheduled flight to LAG and instead routing me on the slow boat to ATL, but not before cooling my heels in my home port of JIA for way, way to long. Shout out to the gang at Sam Snead's Tavern at Jax International Airport. GREAT club sandwich, stellar fries and the nicest customer service you could possibly expect in an airport. "And THAT'S what I like about the South!"

So here I sit taking up one of their comfy tables, tweeting away while I wait for Delta to get a plane off the ground. My anticipated 3pm arrival in NYC is now a 7PM, and instead of whiling away a lovely day at the idyllic
Edith Macy Conference Center, I'll be lurking indoors at Jax Airport (with a perfectly sunny 70 degree day going to waste outside). Babies are crying, airport passengers are drinking heavily, and I am just happy to have this little out of the way table at Sam Snead's. Zen travel day FAIL.

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