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Luscious Thai

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I love Broadway, but those old jewel-box style theatres' seats don't fit my long legs (or my fat you-know-what for that matter). After sitting two and a half hours with my knees jammed up under my chin, shins permanently dented from digging into the back of the seat in front of me, I needed to stretch (quite literally) my legs.

While my traveling companions enjoyed a jaunt to Little Italy, I hoofed it north to try out Luscious Thai on the upper east side. Its the kind of place I love - a little neighborhood gem - not touristy or trendy, just a really good local spot. The menu is basic Thai, some great starters. Families, friends, singles, whether there to grab a cocktail and take-out or settle in for a multi-course feast, all were treated to friendly, gracious customer service and pleasant surroundings. Thai is often deceptively simple in appearance and presentation. Prices are great and the food is done very well. Fresh ingredients, wonderful aromas and soul-satisfying taste. Try "the mix" for starters - curry puff, luscious dumpling, Thai dumpling, and shrimp roll. Travel zen on a plate...

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