Kentucky Hot Brown - A 1920's Classic!

The creation of Chef Fred Schmidt of the Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY, the Hot Brown is an open face sandwich featuring turkey and bacon, smothered in Mornay Sauce and cheese, then baked or broiled until bubbly hot and browned. Tomato adds a light note to this truly decadent and SERIOUS SANDWICH.

Special thanks to old friend, photographer extraordinaire (and fellow foodie) David Francis of Lexington, Kentucky, for this mouthwatering photo of a classic Hot Brown from Spud's Tavern in Lexington.

Apparently the Hot Brown is the American cousin to the Welsh Rarebit. I first encountered it when I lived in Cincinnati - where it was referred to as a "Kentucky" Hot Brown. I gather that in Kentucky they just call it a Hot Brown. I call it over-the-top cheese-a-licious.


  1. And it tastes as good as it looks Nancy. Thanks for the shout out about this local treasure!

  2. Nancy, Would love for you to try Picasso's version and compare if you've had the original hot brown! Thanks, Maria

  3. Thanks David - And Maria - I will definitely check out Picasso's for the Hot Brown - read your review on urbanspoon - we'll have to chat offline about St Louis Pizza - I lived there a few years - not a fan of the provel (aka slimy cheese).


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