Lunch At Jackson's - Go Big Or Go Home!

A welcome addition to the lunch and dinner options on King Street in Jacksonville's Riverside neighborhood is Jackson's.

When I lunch I'm not always watching the clock, so I've come to consider Jackson's a place to come and relax for a leisurely lunch. I read or catch up on my active Words With Friends games and enjoy the relaxed ambiance.

Service is friendly and the kitchen pumps the food out fast enough considering its all made from scratch on the premises.

Let's start with the burgers - 8 oz of handcrafted USDA Black Angus beef - served with all the fixin's and a piping hot side of fries - it's to die for.

I love the Blue Cheese Burger - $7.75  Thick and delicious and stacked with fresh toppings.

The "NY Style" Reuben (pictured above)is a bargain at $7.95

For the Chicken lover - there is a seriously HUGE Chicken Salad Sandwich  - $7.95 and something called the Snow Bird - with thick slices of chicken breast and avocado.

Salads, soups, wings, rings and fried 'shrooms round out the pub-grub menu.   

On each visit I've been treated to a lagniappe - usually a tasting portion of their "guaranteed" chicken gumbo. And every time, I really want to like it. But it breaks down like this - thick, brown roux with the occasional shred of chicken or sliver of onion. The flavor is "brown" and texture is what I imagine concrete to be like before it is set. We ordered a cup of it on one visit and couldn't get even halfway through it. Not that it's bad, its just too, well, beige. No matter - the real star of the show at Jackson's is their delicious sandwiches.

The building renovations at Jackson's have revealed a warm interior with exposed brick walls and mosaic tiled floors. Warm wood tones, black tablecloths and prints of vintage sports teams complete the urban casual look and feel of the place.

They were open for breakfast for a brief stint, and we hope they will be again some time soon. Until then we'll settle for lunch at Jackson's - meet you on King Street!

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